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  • Fixed Back Date Invoice Entry Payment Issue
  • Added Before Date Cash In Hand In Cash Book
  • Added Inventory Method Option In Company Form
  • Added Delete Stock Option In Bulk Stock Editor
  • Added Update Product Prices From Bulk Stock Editor
  • Added Over Selling Option In Company Form
  • Fixed Prices Issue After Add Purchase Invoice
  • Added Back Date Entry Logs Of Users In Current Date
  • Added Zero Stock Hide/Show Option In Bulk Stock Editor
  • Added Over Selling Alert At Point Of Sale Screen
  • Added Proffit Margin Option At Product Entry Form
  • Added Credit Sale Button At POS Screen
  • Added New Regular Receipt Degsin
  • Added Sanitory Receipt Degsin
  • Added Sales Time Record In List Of Invoices
  • Added Payment Type At Customer Receipt Form
  • Added Payment Type At Supplier Payment Form
  • Added Double Credit & Debit Receipt Design
  • Update Redesign Product Entry Form